Lost and Found in Spain Tales of An Ambassador’s Wife

“In these pages, Susan Solomont has shared an exhilarating story of the challenges and the special joys of representing America abroad, which will inspire, educate and delight.  This powerful portrait of perseverance and courage is a great gift as we navigate new changes and challenges in our life’s journey.”

—Speaker Nancy Pelosi

“Susan’s book is so much more than a memoir of the Solomonts’ years in Spain – it is about self-discovery, adventure, reinvention … all through the eyes of an amazing, tireless woman. She shows us with her memories of traveling around my homeland the importance of cultural and culinary diplomacy – that one of the best ways to understand and connect with a country and people is through their food.”

—Chef José Andrés


In Lost and Found in Spain, Susan Solomont makes the patriotic expatriate life her own and reminds us that an Ambassadorship is a family calling. One-part Madam Secretary, one part Eat, Pray, Love – Lost and Found in Spain is a candid, personal and often humorous account of full immersion in a magical, historic culture, and a crash course in public diplomacy, told from the perspective of a woman whose journey is marked by grace and goodwill.

—68th Secretary of State John Kerry

"A vivid, honest, and loving account of life behind the scenes in one of the most coveted and dazzling institutions that represents the United States. That Susan and Alan Solomont quickly got labeled 'Team Solomont' among the diplomatic circles in town is a testimony to Susan's brilliance, easy charm, and delightful wit, which find ample expression in her book."

—H.E. Ana de Palacio, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain

"In Lost and Found in Spain, Susan Lewis Solomont provides the rare gift of revealing the world of diplomacy. She takes us behind the walls of the US Embassy in Spain and we get a portrayal of life through the lens of an entrepreneurial woman. She offers an in-depth tour into the world of protocol and the role that spouses make for themselves in this mysterious yet intriguing world. And did I mention the food? That alone is worth the ride—but there's far more in this fascinating book."

—Randy Susan Meyers, Author